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 What's up guys?
Today, I want to cover the topic about IMAGE.

The way you perceive yourself over others. Remember that it's mind over matter. Your smarts doesn't have to go with the flo of your surroundings when it's falling into the dark end.

You don't need to be gullible and follow the lame crowds in which you don't belong. You're not a plain oreo, nor a golden one. You're a remarkable, limited edition flavor with it's own characteristics that will never be repeated the exact same.

Everyone has imperfections, but none are alike. For you girls out there reading this now, you probably beleive that the epitome of womanhood is to have curves...WRONG! You boys might think that you must have muscles to be a man....also WRONG.

Stupid stereotypes like those can blemish you're natural beauty. You don't need to be laid back and have sunglasses to be cool. You don't need to be confident to be beautiful. You don't need any of these wishy washy rules from the ever so demolishing society!

You just need the qualities that you inherited, and you're personality. SO WHAT if you don't like sports, so what if you don't like the latest pop culture trend. It's OKAY. 

What many do NOT know or just don't want to admit for the sake of feeling more important, is that COOL IS VERSATILE. 

Short hair, Long hair. Blue eyes, Orange eyes. White skin, Green skin--WHATEVER. 

The message of this post is to develop your own sense of self. Invent your own style that nobody dares to try and something you know you love. 

Remember that you're cool in your own way. Don't let the AVERAGE cool stereotype rub this truth away. It's there, and it stays like words carved into rock!


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