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Yesterday was my very first post, and this morning, I will follow up on that with a talk about SOULMATES.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is rushing to grow up like they're on steroids. Scientists found out that the average human is taller than they were in the 50's!

Love is the most common and important matter for boys and girls alike. As creatures with a natural need to connect with others, even the really introverted need it.

I'm only fifteen, and starting highschool, I see a lot of couples holding hands and walking about in their own little worlds. I find it degrading because I'm still single.

I start to wonder what's wrong with me? Am I only friend material, and nothing more? I think I have a repellant for the wrong people.

Being extremely hopeless romantic, I believe in soulmates. There HAS to be someone for everyone, or the world wouldn't go round.

A bigger question is if there's multiple 'The Ones' for us. I think about it everyday. I ponder over the possibility. Life thrives all over space, so it's impossible to NOT have a matching peice.

And who said your soulmate had to be human? It could be a robot, like that movie where the guy loves one. Love is strange. Some might say it's blind, but it's perfectly clear to the one going through it.

Only you can tell if they're the right person. Look into their eyes, and try to see something you've never seen in any other set. If you keep running into them often in the most obscene places, or feel comfortable around them like they're family, trust your intuition and beleive that they're yours. ♡

If you are still single, remember that this is still your childhood. Cause the moment you meet him or her, it's gone. Things more complex will come your way like kids and marriage. 

You are young, wild and free. Think how far you've come without a man or woman. You don't need them to be strong. You just need yourself. If you're below the age of 25, I'd say you don't have to worry right now. 

The time comes for everyone when they find their significant other and it happens at different points for everyone!


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