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What's up, guys? 
This is my VERY first blog here on Dreamwidth.
I will try to keep updated everyday with something useful for people of all ages.

Today's topic will cover many misfit's worries about sticking out from the crowd.

In my fifteen years of life, I've always been the 'white' crayon in the pack. You know how that must feel: useless; forgotten.

But then someone told me something: Hey Girl, it's okay to NOT fit in. And you know why? Guess what?

When you stand alone, you are more independent and less clingy when times come when you CAN'T rely on others. 

You can learn to love and know yourself, which is the first thing you need before loving someone else.

Not fitting in is a sign that you were meant to shine. Most famous people living big now used to be unpopular kids in highschool!

You can fully 🌻BLOSSOM🌻 when you're not in a clique where you have rules. Think of it like this: there's a Chinese tradition where the women are forced to wear tight shoes to keep their feet from growing like they're supposed to. That's equivalent to the point!

Remember this always people, that you are unique and special. If you're in a clique, GET OUT OF THAT THING and be yourself. You can still hang with your friends, but just don't act the same like programmed robots.

And for those who are alone, don't fret. I understand everything. Being different is something you should embrace and have in your heart forever. After all, Normality bores the soul. Check out Poppy Joy's board on Youspiration at Pinterest for more perks!


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