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joyjaykay01 ([personal profile] joyjaykay01) wrote2016-07-09 02:06 pm

Rainbow Lost It's Meaning!

 In the past, way before this twisted moment in time where everyone gets plastic surgery, and claims they're gay, Rainbows had a completely different meaning.

For most people, they symboled art. For Christians, they represented God's promise to never flood the earth with water again.

Nowadays, everyone has changed the moral and make it mean something else. Something disgusting.

While most people probably lost the original concept of Rainbows, I as a Christian won't let the new definition brainwash me, and I think others should too.

If you aren't a Christan, I'm sorry. I guess, everybody has their own beleifs and if they want to change it for their own sake, that's on them.